About Us

Here at Dried Home, we bring together experts from the dried flower world. From seeking out the best varieties, working directly with growers or collaborating on new colour trends, we live and breathe dried flowers.

Why buy from DriedHome?

  • The biggest stock online of dried flowers, dried grasses, preserved flowers and foliage. 
  • Year-round range of products such as cones, natural decorations, seedheads and dried pods, dried fruits, decorative branches and stems.
  • Retail ready dried flower bunches.
  • Special ranges featuring on-trend colours which are updated each year.
  • Our stock is regularly updated and we source only the best quality.
  • Working with dried flower experts around the world to find you the stems you are looking for.



Our Product Collections

Dutch Dried Flowers

So many of our flowers are grown here in Holland in the surrounding fields, but we also have growers all over Holland too. Ensuring that the flowers are grown in the optimal conditions for each variety. Our drying process ensures that the colours and quality of the dried blooms are preserved at their natural best.


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Stabilized Flowers

Stabilizing flowers and foliages ensures that the stems remain pliable and colourful. The preservation process enables us to add and enhance colour and allows stems like Eucalyptus to be used which would otherwise dry out and become too brittle to use. 


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Imported Dried Flowers & Products

We source many wonderful stems from all over the world for example exotics from South Africa, grasses from India and many other flowers from South America and Europe to give you the best selection and choice available.


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Retail Ready

Our Retail Ready selection is perfect to add to any range, the perfect selection of mixed bunches and bouquets for any time of year.


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Our special selection of novelties and unusual items and also worth a look for inspiration.


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Questions or advice?

Call to +31 85 0221433 (working days from 09:00 till 17:00),

e-mail to info@driedhome.nl or use the contactform.


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