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Acroclinium SB natural pink

Amaranthus caudatus natural red

Amaranthus natural green

Amaranthus natural red

Amarathus caudatus natural green

Anaphalis natural white

Bidens (carthamus) natural green

Bidens (carthamus) SB natural orange

Bromus secalinus natural green

Broom bloom bunch natural

Broom bloom bunch SB dark blue

Broom bloom bunch SB pink

Broom bloom bunch SB red

Broom bloom bunch SB white misty

Broom bloom bunch SB yellow

Cotton branch 6 heads natural

Craspedia 10pc bleached white

Craspedia 20pc natural yellow

Haver (avena) bleached white

Haver (avena) pink misty

Haver (avena) SB coral misty

Haver (avena) SB dark blue

Haver (avena) SB red

Haver (avena) SB yellow

Helianthus / sunflower natural

Helichrysum natural dark pink

Helichrysum natural orange

Helichrysum SB mixed

Helichrysum SB natural pink

Helichrysum SB natural red

Helichrysum SB natural salmon

Helichrysum SB natural white

Helichrysum SB natural yellow

Immortelle SB natural yellow

Lagurus ovatus SB burnt orange

Lavender 100gr natural blue

Lepidium natural green

Limonium natural purple

Panicum natural green

Papaver burnt orange

Papaver dark blue

Papaver deep brown

Papaver gigant SB natural green grey

Papaver natural green grey

Papaver pink

Papaver red

Papaver SB lilac misty

Papaver SB white misty

Papaver SB yellow

Persicaria natural red

Phalaris 100gr bleached white

Phalaris burnt orange

Phalaris SB bleached white

Phalaris SB dark blue

Phalaris SB grey misty

Phalaris SB red

Phalaris SB white misty

Phalaris SB yellow

Roses natural dark red

Roses natural red

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